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PRAVDA: Songwriting session in 80s AOR Melodic Rock style


80s music is something special to me.

Maybe it's because I was born in the 80s.

Van Halen (especially Hagar years) music has influenced me a lot as well as some Whitesnake stuff.

And quite a lot of my customers are looking for that 80s style last 7 years.

Maybe I will become an 80s expert in the next decade, haha :D

Still lots to learn, I know...

In this video I am showing you the 1st phase of my co-writing service which is all about bringing some fresh new ideas on the table, based on a client"s initial demo.

So this is not the final production, this is more of a behind the scenes video of the creative process.

I am trying to inspire the client with something new, but still based on his original DIY demo.

So a client can mix and match his original ideas with mine to get the most out of the song.

In this case, I am trying to re-arrange a client´s demo so it fits 80s style a little more while still staying original enough and still keeping client's original stuff.

Hope this can be inspirational for someone else too!

May the muse be with you!


I like to experiment with several analog guitar pedals into real tube amp.

The amp is not connected to the real cabinet.

Instead of real cabinet, from the amp I go into the Two Notes Torpedo Captor loadbox and then it goes into the Presonus audio interface.

In my computer I run Steinberg Nuendo DAW and for guitars processing I like to use Audified plugins I have designed.

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