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What does your song need?

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Don’t you know what your music lacks to perfection? I do.
Take advantage of free consultation.

Don’t you have a song? Then you need one! Maybe, you have some lyrics already written. Or you just have some ideas in your head but nothing written yet. Or you have nothing yet, but you just want to have your own song, so you need some help with it from scratch. Now you need a songwriter to make your dreams come true.

Electric Guitar
Recording Music

Co-writing / Arranging


You already have your song written, you have the lyrics, basic melody and harmony. But now you need to get the most out of your song, maybe your song needs to get some cool groove, some chord progressions, add some other instruments or top line melody improvement. Or you need to transform your song into a different genre.

You have your song already written with all the arrangements done. Now you need to record the final tracks. The best takes possible. You can record by yourself at home studio (I can help you with it) or you can book a quality recording studio with experienced engineer and you can even borrow some hi-end instruments and amps to get the tones you are dreaming about. And if you would like to get a skilled producer for some coaching, you can be sure he will get the best of you.

Wedding Band
Music Production

Session players

Orchestra Programming

If you need someone else to record an instrument for your song or if you need a choir or an orchestra for your song, feel free to ask. I have some awesome musicians available. They are all high quality players or programmers.

Does your music need something extra? Extra space? Extra colors? Extra emotions? I can write some keyboards/synths/samples/orchestra for your song. Or you need to record a real orchestra? No problem!

Wooden Drum Set

Drums Programming


Your drummer is on vacation? But you need to keep the band rolling? I can professionally programm perfect drums for your song. Or would you like to get a real drummer on your song? No problem!

Your guitar and bass tracks are already recorded, but you are not satisfied with the tone. You have DI (direct input) tracks recorded. Now you need someone with quality re-amping setup and some nice analog gear to run your tracks through it.

Editing & Post Production
Making Music



Your song is already recorded, but the tracks have some timing or intonation issues and the song doesn’t feel tight enough. Now you need to get the most out of your performance. If you order a session player, there is no need for editing.

Your song is already recorded and edited. Now every individual track of your song needs some love to really shine! 

Sound Equipment
Recording Studio


Learn recording

Your song’s tracks are already well balanced and shaped. You are happy with the tone of every individual track in the song. Now you need that final touch and make your song loud and clear. 

Are you going to record your album DIY? No problem! And if you would ever have any question or need some help, feel free to ask!

At the Studio
Digital devices discussion

Learn Editing,
Mixing & Mastering

Do you have your music already recorded? Great! Do you want to learn how to edit, mix and master your music? Are you lost in all those YouTube tutorials?

Marketing advice

More than 100,000 new songs are uploaded to Spotify every single day. You really need more than just a great song. So every proved marketing advice you can get is valuable.

Band sound advice

Guitar Gear Collaboration

You have a band, you want a great and consistent sound for your monitoring mixes. And you want a great a consistent sound for your audience via PA system. Everywhere. Consistent sound. On the big stage as well as in a small club. And you want to use in-ear monitoring. And you want to save as much time for playing on your gigs as possible. You don't want to waste your playing time on a gig on all that technical stuff, hours of soundchecks but still not good. But you don't know how to achieve all this. You don't know what is the right gear for you and you don't know how to configure all that gear to work well.

Do you have your own guitar pedal? Do you need a professional feedback? Do you need a product design or product marketing consultation? Do you need any audio or even video content?

Video Production

Video Production

Song theme & lyrics collaboration

Do you need to enter YouTube platform with your song? There are several options, from cheap to expensive. From simple Audio-Video, Lyric-Video, Vizualizer-Video all the way up to the classic Official-Video.

Lyrics and vocal melody are the most important things for most musical genres. But before you start writing lyrics, you should have really great, strong song theme. If you have a great theme, you can start writing down some key-words for your lyrics. And then you can start writing actual lyrics and make them work with the music so the song has the biggest impact possible.

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