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Morello-inspired songwriting


I am a big fan of Tom Morello stuff.

I like almost all of his music, from RATM all the way up to his Atlas Underground.

I like his tone, his riffs and I get inspired everytime I hear his music.

Rock, Riff-driven, Groovy, Electronic, Experimental.

I had an opportunity to write a guitar driven beat for a rap artist last year and I wanted to write something in style of Tom Morello.

Yeah, the main riff is heavily inspired by Morello, but then for the verses I have been experimenting with fuzz pedals and uni-vibe, even combined with JPwah.

I am always enjoying controlling wah and rotovibe pedals at the same time with both feet :D

Post-FX by Audified ToneSpot Electric & Linda Ironverb & secret Linda Stargazer Shimmer.

May the muse be with You!


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