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Why should you hire me?

​I'm good guy

I am musician: Since I have both amateur and professional experience as a performing musician, I can quickly understand your needs.

I am nice, patient, creative and reliable: Well, not every producer can say this, haha :D

I am still enhancing my skills and still exploring new genres, styles and colors to bring the best of me into your songs.

I am skilled and


I am specialized: Guitar-oriented music is the genre I am experienced in the most. Electric guitar is my main instrument.

I have cross-genres skills: Since I have experience with multiple genres I can deliver great results across genres and I am ready for a fusion.

I have marketing skills: More than 100,000 new songs are uploaded to Spotify every single day so marketing thinking is important from the first step of the production.

I offer more

Free production advice: You can send me your song for a listen and I will tell you what can I do for you to let your music shine.

Free unlimited revisions: My work is not finished until you are 100% happy with the results, no additional fees for revisions.

Free super-flexible revisions: Revisions are my secret weapon and the biggest value I am offering. I can even prepare several different mixing approaches of 1 song.

Free re-amping and re-sampling: If the original recorded tones don't fit the final mix, I usually do bass/guitar re-amping and re-sampling for free - included in mixing price (DI and MIDI tracks needed)

Free data package: All separated tracks of the song or stems delivered to you

(mastered or unmastered)

Free data backup: I keep the project data for 5 years on my archive server. It's safe double-storage.

No copyrights: You will ALWAYS own 100% of the songs royalties upon completion

I am professional

Flat rates per song, no hourly rate: You will exactly know how much will you pay before I start working, no additional fees.

Complexity: Despite the times of experts, sometimes you want to save your time, money and nerves by making your song with just one partner.

Network Power: I have built the family, not an agency. Experienced, nice and proved music industry professionals from my network at your service.

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