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Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier vs. 13 Guitar amp Modelers

Let me introduce you another awesome video made by Jon Symons!

Great video Jon, as always! Congratz!

Even our 8-years-old Audified ampLion PRO ($99) sounds great in comparison with more today´s and far more expensive gear. And it´s not only my opinion - check the comments below the video!

Im using our ampLion PRO daily when producing and mixing because ampLion delivers the best bang of buck solution for me.

Check out my audio productions here.

Please, tell me honestly. Is there the $2.400 difference in sound quality between AxeFX III and ampLion Pro?

OK, It´s not fair ;)

Is there really a $300 difference in sound quality between Helix Native and ampLion Pro?

For me, NOT!

I can get that Helix sound with a simple EQ in a minute if I want to ;)

For me, ampLion delivers real value for your money.

What You think?

Are you interested in some new Audified guitar products? ;)

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