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HEAVEN: Guitar Ambient Music | Audified Prototypes | Play-Test

Development of new audio algorithms never ends in Audified.

And I always love to test the new prototypes.

Last couple of weeks I have been testing a new shimmer reverb plug-in.

I have also already used it in a couple of real productions.

Love it!

So I have made this play-test video with a little guitar improvisation.

Atmo vibes!

But I have been a little bored with the visual part of the video.

So I have added some footage including some of my amateur footage from the acrobatic rock and roll training camp me and my family attended back in 2020 in Tatras, Slovakia.

Hope that now the video is not that boring, haha :D

How do you like it?

Using VHT/Fryette Sig:X tube amp (Yellow channel) Audiffex MultiCabinet IR plug-in and Audified ToneSpot Guitar Pro plug-in.

Playing awesome hand-made guitar by Libor Haloda.

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