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Is it possible to collaborate remotely?

I work for the people from all around the world.

I'm very used to work remotely no matter if the customers are located in Czech Republic or in any other country. But it has already happened, for example, that a symphonic metal band from Colorado Springs simply flew to me to Czech Republic during their European tour to record a song with me after mixing and mastering 3 albums for them remotely.

I am OK with written communication as well as online video calls.

I am systematic so every song or mix revision is properly documented.

My English is not perfect, but I am a nice person so the communication with me is always easy going ;)

I have been already working for the people from all continents (except Antarctica) and I am really enjoying the creation process and communication with people from different countries.


You can contact me via email or you can fill the contact form on my website.

It's great to send me:

  • The demo of the song we could work on together (if you have one - if not we can create one from scratch)

  • Some commercial references (YouTube links of the music you like, feel free to send me a lot of music you like)

  • Epic Story and lyrics for the song (if you already have them)


Feel free to contact me and ask me anything!

We can discuss for 1 hour, for free.

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