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Who is my typical customer?

Singer-songwriters are definitely the most common people who are hiring me as a full-stack record producer. They are coming to me in different stages of their careers.

Here are 4 main archetypes of Singer-songwriters coming to me and their expectations:


"I am an amateur musician, I can sing and I can play the guitar/piano a little.

I have a bunch of song ideas or lyrics written on a paper, but they are not finished.

I need to add some instruments into the song and I need the radio-ready sounding record.

I don't have a band, but I would like to have one.

But first, I need to have 3-5 quality songs finished and recorded so I am attractive to other musicians, labels and event managers."


"I am singer-songwriter, I have some decent demos of my songs.

I havenť released any song officially yet.

There are some basic instruments arranged on my demos, but there are still some other instruments missing.

Maybe my songs need to be slightly re-written and need proper music arrangements.

I need to get the most out of my demos and to be able to compete with local artists."


"I am experienced singer-songwriter, I have a bunch of quality songs already released.

But sometimes, I get stuck with a song and I need some inspiration and fresh new ideas on how to continue working on the song.

I would appreciate some demos exchanging with an experienced producer and build a great song.

Then I can record all the track by myself or with my band. 

I need to get the final recorded tracks edited, mixed and mastered so I hit the industry standard sound quality or even beyond."


"I am experienced singer (and/or a lyricist) and I am looking for a talented and creative music producer who can write the whole music for me or for my lyrics."

Can you see Yourself in there?

Then I am the right guy for You.


You can contact me via email or you can fill the contact form on my website.

It's great to send me:

  • The demo of the song we could work on together (if you have one - if not we can create one from scratch)

  • Some commercial references (YouTube links of the music you like, feel free to send me a lot of music you like)

  • Epic Story and lyrics for the song (if you already have them)


Feel free to contact me and ask me anything!

We can discuss for 1 hour, for free.


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