Started working in 2008 as music composer, sound designer, session guitarist and multimedia content creator for the audio software company Audified (Audiffex / D-sound) based in Czech Republic. Started building my production skills, doing measurements of audio hardware, doing functional and sound comparative tests between hardware processors and software plugins, correcting parameter´s ranges of audio plugins, making all the presets and sound samples for plugins, videos etc.

In 2010 started working as freelance music composer, arranger, sound designer, recording and mixing engineer, session guitarist, promo/marketing consultant, live-sound consultant and music production lector. Started making music for several clients across multiple musical styles from acoustic music to modern progressive metal. Also started working in the Research center of Janacek Music Academy of Performing Arts as technical support, sound designer and music composer. Worked on advanced software space simulator of measured Czech theaters, concert halls and sacral buildings, several guitar/bass amp modeling plugins, mixing FX plugins and made lots of short sound samples for educational or promotional needs.

From May 2011 to June 2012 also worked in Orchidea Clasic music school as technical support and music teacher. Made curriculum for audio engineering and modern composition school subject, made needed materials for the subject and was teaching it.

Since 2014 selling professional audio gear such as DAWs, plugins and virtual instruments, digital mixers, studio microphones, interfaces, processors, studio monitors and acessories.

In 2015 I have finished the 1st part of progressive rock-metal concept album Proměny Života for band CKB.I did all the songwriting, producing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering on this album.I have also built the band, prepared modern live-sound solution and Im collaborating on all band´s promo/marketing moves what is seen on band´s steep medial growth.

Except CKB Im producing, recording, mixing and mastering other bands such as Magic Dance (80´s AOR), Beyond Forgiveness (Symphonic Metal), There´s Blood In My Ears (Metalcore), Light House 7 (Crossover-electronica), Dead Generation (Crossover-Punk), Tokamak (Funk-Pop-Rock), True Crew (Funk-HipHop) and many others across multiple genres around the globe.

Nearby rock and metal I also love funk, smooth jazz and contemporary country music.

Since 2015 Im making my own drum sample libraries (Smelly Drumz) due to my passion for the great drum sound and using them in my productions and mixes. This is especially valuable for the clients who want their own drum sounds with their own drumset and their own hits in their recordings rather than using commercial drum samples.

In 2016, aside my music production & audio engineering job, I became a chief of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Project Manager and Product Owner assistant in Audified.

In 2018 I became a Product Owner in Audified and started developing my own audio plugins and hardware units through Audified.

In 2018 I also found Jarek Musil Network - the best place for your musical ideas. Thanx to the network the clients can build the best team of professionals to fit the budget and to get the results they are searching for.

OK, that´s me...

Now, let´s start making up Your music and defining Your sound!