ADS Lyric video release


Check out the new song by Atlas Mraků from Czech Republic!

Let this song be the inspiration for summer in this winter time :)

Lead vocals: Libor Haloda

Lyrics: Libor Haloda, Jarek Musil

Songwriting & arranging, guitars, programming: Jarek Musil

Violin: Barbara Tolarova

Backing vocals: Iveta Holas, Veronika Musilova, Barbara Tolarova, Anna Kozakova, Marketa Ottova, Ondrej Musil, Jarek Musil

Lyric video by Zdenek Strmiska

Guitars recorded with:

VHT Fryette Sig:X amp

Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal

MXR CAE Line Driver

Two Notes Torpedo Captor

Audiffex MultiCabinet

Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro

Drums & Keys recorded with Steinberg, Realitone and Toontrack instruments.

Mixed and mastered with Audified products.

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