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Sprayer is one of my favorite metal songs I have ever produced.

What is special about this song?

2 singers (Aleš "Winky" Winkler & Josef Wlaschinský).

I have always been a fan of multi-singer songs :) It brings up some alternate voice tones and approaches in one song. Really entertaining. And in this song there are even 2 generations of metal singers.

Guitar solo part

This is one of the best solos I have ever written and still enjoying playing it today. It's quite melodic while it is technically challenging. Starting as unisono with synths.

The former guitarist Aleš Komínek came with his own guitar solo part, but it also fits the song, so I was 100% OK with that. When I write guitar solos for my clients, I never force the band's guitarist to play it exactly as I wrote it. Every guitarist has his own style and approach to guitar solos. Aleš is very skilled shredder so He upgraded the guitar solo on live gigs.

You can check out the live version of the guitar solo:

Rhythm guitars

Rhythm guitar riffs are strongly inspired by one of my all-time favorite heavy metal songs Painkiller by Judas Priest. But since I was influenced with Death Metal, Progressive Metal and even Djent in 2011, I was trying to upgrade the classic heavy metal style riffs into slightly modernized riffs. Radek Žák (the member of Jarek Musil Netwrok and talented record producer these days) was always delivering just perfect performances when playing live with CKB.

Thanks bro!

Synth / Keyboard solo part

When I had the guitar solo already written, I wanted to add a synth / keyboard solo after the guitar solo to let our Keyboard virtuoso Dorian Maršálek shine. I remember me and Dorian writting this solo at our old house, that was really creative session and we both were very happy with the outcome. Thanx for that, Dorian!

Bass slap solo part

Oooh, and there is also a bass solo part in Sprayer! When I was writing the song, I wanted to add some kind of "breakdown" part with a short but very effective bass solo. I have prepared the backing track and Ondřej Valach made it just right! Ondřej is very talented bass player and also He is very good mixing and mastering engineer.


In this song there are one of the most challenging drums arrangement of whole CKB project, but we had the chance to work with a beast-drummer, the machine-gun Lubomír Vondráček. Lubomír was always very well prepared for rehearsals and it seemed like there is nothing He couldn't play! Lubomír is the man you want in the band. He is not only great drummer, but He is simply the good guy, willing to help with whatever is needed in the band. Thanx Lubomír, it was a pleasure!

Nerd note: I remeber that I was using Toontrack Superior Drummer with quite unique SDX library called "Evil Drums" engineered by Joe Barresi and sampled by Bobby Jarzombek. You can hear Evil Drums samples in the whole CKB's first album. I am still using these samples as layers in my current mixing projects. Very good, unique library.

More about CKB project

CKB was my first ever rock-metal project I have been working on. It was in 2011 when I started working on the frirst album, the conceptual album "Proměny života" (Changes of Life). It was full-production service, from songwriting all the way up to final mastering.

But it was not all!

I have also helped to build the band with awesome members (the former members) and I have been doing production supervision when the band was rehearsing. There were some members-exchanging over time, every CKB member was really great!

And I am still proud of what the band achieved.

Thank you all CKBers!

But the biggest thanks goes to the one and only Česlav Koryčan.

Česlav was the "father" of the project. He was the director, investor, manager, supervisor and the main guy behind this project. Thank you, Česlav for the opportunity!

Other CKB members in various periods were:

Jan "Žanek" Stejskal - bass

Ondřej Sláma - drums (yes! We experimented with 2 drummers in the band, it was awesome!!!!!)

Tonda Buček - guitar

Jaroslav Zejda - guitar

Tomáš Kabiesz - guitar

Lukáš Palacka - vocals

Matouš Ptáček - bass

On this song I have done

► Songwriting from scratch

► Drums & percussion writing & programming

► Synths writing & performing

► Guitars and Bass writing & performing

► Guitars re-amping

► Vocals recording

► Vocals Editing

► Audio Mixing

► Audio Mastering

Lyricis by Zdeněk "Piškot" Komrska

"sorry, this person is secret"

Video / Animation by Marek Berger 



This is how it works:

Customer typically sends me some basic music wishes (or an amateur demo of the song), some commercial references (customers favorite music) and the lyrics (or at least some parts).

Then I start writing and/or arranging the music, I do adapt lyrics and even add some lyrics for chorus or other parts of the song if needed. I send demos (including my guide-vocals recorded) during the songwriting process to the customer and we discuss everything, doing revisions and building the demo until we both are 100% satisfied.

Some customers (like Oceanwide) are asking me only for some fresh new ideas and perspective for already composed song so I do some music arrangements, additional parts and programmings only. No lyrics writing, no music from scratch. Only arrangements, enhancing the music parts and bringing some new colors and sounds.

Once the demo is finished, we plan the final vocals recording session.

Customer rehearses the vocal parts and is sending some work-demos to me and we do some remote revisions before we meet to record the final vocals.

During the vocals recording session I coach the customer/singer to get the most out of him.

There are always some things to correct such as phrasing, accents, melody and the last but not least, the vocal emotions.

Sometimes, there are even 2 or 3 vocals recording sessions needed to get the final results on all song parts. The final vocals recording session is usually 3-4 hours long.

Once the final vocals are recorded, I do audio editing on all vocal tracks.

This means I do some audio quantization and tuning improvements if needed (always needed).

Then I do the final audio mixing and mastering. During this stage we discuss all the sound quality aspects, the final sound design of the song.

NOTE: When songwriting or co-writing for a client, I do not ask for any rights. The client always owns 100% of the song's royalties.



You can contact me via email or you can fill the contact form on my website.

It's great send me:

  • The demo of the song we could work on together (if you have one - if not we can create one from scratch)

  • Some commercial references (YouTube links of the music you like, feel free to send me a lot of music you like)

  • Epic Story and lyrics for the song (if you already have them)


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