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Whole song played with fuzz pedal | SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz | Song Playthrough

I have written a song with the fuzz pedal.

But I have used the fuzz pedal on all guitars and even bass guitar in this song.

Going from pushed cleans (guitar volume down) all the way up into brutal fuzz madness.

I have even stacked 2 fuzz pedals in series.

For someone it could be extreme to play with fuzz pedal all the song long...

May the muse be with You!

---------- GEAR IN THIS VIDEO ----------


SMR Toys N-1 FUZZ ( )

EHX Deluxe Big Muff

MXR Phase 90 EVH 30th Anniversary

Jim Dunlop Rotovibe



Libor Haloda handmade stratocaster with Fender and Seymour Duncan pickups

Fender Telecaster - Big thanx goes to Libor Haloda for lending me this awesome guitar!

M-Custom Guitars M-Strat handmade by Jiri Mazl ( )


Fryette / VHT Sig:X - Everyone probably knows...


For post-effects I am using the Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin for gentle chorus modulation, delay and reverb FX.

ToneSpot Electric is the 4th plug-in of the ToneSpot family I have designed back in 2019 and its still my number one for post-effects, using it daily.

For that ultra-long ambience, I am using our brand new Audified Wings plug-in called Linda IronVerb, developed in collaboration with talented Martin Linda.

You can try our brand new IronVerb reverb plug-in for free:


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