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What is the delivery time?

Full song production (from a basic demo ///or even from scratch/// all the way up to radio-ready masterpiece) takes some time and the delivery time is affected by several factors.

It usually takes about 2 months.

Sometimes less, sometime even more.

Why that much?

Well, I am full-stack music and audio producer, working on songs from start to finish.

The great song needs to settle down over time.

There is a big difference between composing the basis of a song without a concept during one evening against completing its entire concept, music arrangement, recording all the instruments and vocals, going through iterations, editing, mixing and mastering and possibly some audience tests.

I am working this way.

I think about the song and it's contexts.

I discuss a lot of things with the customer.

It simply takes some time to build a great song, even if the main melody is already written by a customer.

I usually work on a song for about 50 hours (depending on the input files from the customer).

Going throughout the whole song production process from start to finish.

That's a lot of love for your song!

If you are in a hurry and looking for express services, please, head over to Fiverr, SoundBetter or AirGigs.


You can contact me via email or you can fill the contact form on my website.

It's great to send me:

  • The demo of the song we could work on together (if you have one - if not we can create one from scratch)

  • Some commercial references (YouTube links of the music you like, feel free to send me a lot of music you like)

  • Epic Story and lyrics for the song (if you already have them)


Feel free to contact me and ask me anything!

We can discuss for 1 hour, for free.


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