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How to get lush ambient guitar soundscapes? Try fuzz! And 2 long reverb


When I was writing the song for N-1 Fuzz by SMR Toys video review,

I was experimenting with the fuzz controls and I have found really interesting setting for fuzzy-pushed-clean tone.

Sounds really special to me.

Does it fit any song or riff?

Definitely not!

But if you just start writing a new stuff with this tone, you can find the unique beauty in it.

Sustain all the way down, Tone all the way down.

Some fuzzes even get muted with this setting.

But N-1 Fuzz not!

I was instantly getting weird ideas, weird notes inspiration.

And ended up with this riff.

It sounds quite synthy in some way...

And then that lush ambient soundscape idea came in.

I have activated a delay FX and 2 reverb units in series!

My Audified ToneSpot Electric and Linda Ironverb plug-ins were just right for this task.

When I am writing a song, I try to use some contrasts.

So once I had that slow riff with long ambience, I started thinking about a busy drum beat to make a contrast.

And I really liked it!

That's how I write :)

Use whatever keeps you inspired, enjoy the writing, enjoy music and..

May the muse be with You!

Big thanx goes to Rostislav Janda for the opportunity to test out his beautiful fuzz pedal and forcing me to push my limits a little :)

Big thanx goes to Libor Haloda for lending me his awesome Fender Telecaster guitar.


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