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Faiki producing

Producing the very first demo for a new client. The client already has the lyrics, vocal melody and the basic song harmony. So Im in more of an arranger and a session player role than a songwriter this time.

But its even more challenging.

The producer has to be really careful and sensitive.

Im always affraid if the client will like that very first demo at all. In most cases, the first demo is not accepted. And in most cases its because I have been creative too much and changing the song or the vocal phrasing too much, haha. But on the other hand its very good showcase of what Im capable to do with the song. Creative process is always about feelings and everyone can feel the music differently, of course.

But I am here for my clients, so if the first demo is not the perfect one, the second one is always WAY better.

But for this time, the client loves today's demo. Celebrating! 🤩

Probably... The main reason of the successful demo was the Beyond Forgiveness T-shirt 😂

BTW, TC Electronic Vortex Flanger pedal is brilliant for the 80s liquid clean tones! Today I was using John Petrucci's toneprint.

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