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Analog or digital? - Are you getting the best of both worlds?

When songwriting, I am trying to get the the best of both worlds.

Analog & digital.

→ Analog fuzz pedal

→ tube amp

→ loadbox

→ IR

→ cool FX plugins

Yes, I could go all-digital with plugins.

But there is still something special about using analog pedals and tube amps.

I have the freedom of experimenting with wild analog pedal combinations like 2 fuzzes and 3 modulation effects at once, really wild combinations that I would never even think about in the digital world.

Maybe I think very limiter when working in the box, all digital.

I am weird :D

Digital worlds is unlimited, right?

But for me, analog works better when it comes to writing and exploring new tones.

And the real joy of operating real devices is also a big deal.

I am even getting lower noise when using analog/tube guitar gear.

And when it comes to fuzz tones, analog wins all the way!

But for post-effects like gentle stereo chorus, stereo delays and reverbs, I am always using plugins.

For this tone, I have turned the Sustain on N1-Fuzzl all the way down to get quite special pushed clean tone.

For extra long ambience I have used the Audified Linda IronVerb.

Worked really well for me!

Use whatever keeps you inspired, enjoy the writing, enjoy music and..

May the muse be with You!

Big thanx goes to Rostislav Janda for the opportunity to test out his beautiful fuzz pedal and forcing me to push my limits a little :)

Big thanx goes to Libor Haloda for lending me his awesome Fender Telecaster guitar.

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