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5150 III LBX tones

Well, my first ever real guitar-gear video with me playing, so I'm sorry for the video quality as well as for some tuning issues.

But hopefully you will like the tones!

Let me know!

Gear used:

M-Custom Guitars M-Strat guitar

Boss SD-1

EVH 5150 III LBX (non-stock preAmp tubes types)

Two Notes Torpedo Captor

Audiffex MultiCabinet plugin (legacy product)

Audiffex Pedals - Guitar Graphic EQ (Live Guitar and Bass Bundle)

TC Electronic 1210 Chorus

Audified STA Delay ( )

Audified Synergy R1 Reverb unit ( )

5150 III is one of my dream amps. I loved its tones since the first 5150 III was released.

Well, I was more into the LBX II since it has gains and masters separated for each channel and can do cleans well.


My ampDoctor @petrkalikalabek changed some preAmp tubes so the blue channel can get cleaner and does crunch tones extremely well. The Red channel is still the beast! Thanx Kali!

The preAmp tubes now are:

V1: JJ ECC82

V2: JJ ECC832

V3: JJ ECC83

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