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Does Quad Cortex have a good fuzz and octave tones?


Most digital processors don't have a good fuzz tones, AFAIK.

And the cheaper processors even don't have a good octaver effect.

But I really love that crazy fuzz tones with octaver (octave down).

So I was curious about how Quad Cortex will handle it.

I was surprised!

The factory preset named Grimacemonger is really really great!

Works great on single-note riffs.

Inspiring tone.

Inspires me to write a strong riff.

That's a good thing!

Gear that inspires you is a good piece of gear.

Quad Cortex even has a capture functionality that allows you to capture a profile of any analog pedal.

Since I have several fuzz pedals, I would like to make profiles of them and compare them.

Hopefully one day...

  • Do you have a good experience with digital processors when it comes to fuzz pedals and octaver effects?

May the muse be with You!


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