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SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz & Audified Linda IronVerb | Guitar Laboratory | Play-Test

Fuzz and long ambience.

This effect combination always carries me out from this world.

I could do it all the day, haha :)

In this video I am using SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz pedal into my vintage Hohner Orgaphon tube amp made in Germany.

Playing the S-S-H Stratocaster hand-built by Libor haloda.

For post-effects I am using the Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin for gentle chorus modulation, delay and reverb FX.

ToneSpot Electric is the 4th plug-in of the ToneSpot family I have designed back in 2019 and its still my number one for post-effects, using it daily.

For that ultra-long ambience, I am using our brand new Audified Wings plug-in called Linda IronVerb, developed in collaboration with talented Martin Linda.

You can try our brand new IronVerb reverb plug-in for free:

May the muse be with You!


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