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How to transform a vintage guitar and amp into a screaming shred-ready beast?

Well, first, I am not a shredder...

I am rather a slow-hand guy, haha.

But I wanted to show you how to get that hi-gain, saturated, sustained tone with a classic vintage guitar into a vintage amp.

Of course, you need to boost that vintage amp a lot with some distortion or a fuzz pedal (or two!) to get that sustain and hi-gain shred feel...

SMR Toys N1 Fuzz into ProCo RAT is my favorite combination for ultra-gain leads.

This time I have used my German Vermona MV3 tube amp and tried to shred with a Fender Telecaster guitar.

For post-fx I have used my trusty Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro.

And it shreds!

So if you have a nice vintage amp, you can get the tone like this using pedals in front.

Thats the power of pedals.

Thats why I love pedals, because you can explore new tones very easily by combinations of guitars, pedals and amps.


May the muse be with you!

Big thanx goes to Libor Haloda for lending me his Fender Telecaster guitar.


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