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How to shape your drum bus with Pultec style EQ?


When it comes to drums bus processing, I go pretty wild.

And I like to really hear the drums bus processing, especially when it comes to heavier genres.

I usualy go for 200Hz boost which adds more weight to the snare and also makes the drumkit sound more fat overall.

Another thing I typically do is boosting the super-high frequencies, mostly 12kHz for that super-clear (not harsh) air Boost.

Pulse-tec EQ plug-in by Nomad Factory also has a clipping circuit which I am using almost everytime on the drums bus.

  • Are you using Pultec style EQ a lot or not?

I have purchased the Pulse-tec approx 7 years ago or so for $29 and using it in almost every project.

When it comes to plugins, I am a cheap guy :)

  • Do you spend a lot of money in plug-ins?


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