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How to mix vocals with 1 plugin?

Well, when I was designing this plugin, I was thinking about what an audio engineer really needs when it comes to mixing vocals or spoken word?

What is needed to get the voice mixing done?

Yes, you can use all those fancy expensive plugins, boutique EQs, compressors, complicated channel strips, and vintage FX.

But then your mixing chain can consist of up to 5 or 7 plugins.

Your workflow will speed down for sure.

Your screen will be overloaded with several plugin windows.

Things can go messy...

And you will probably be a little lost in all the choices...

Should I use the LA-2A comp first and then the 1176?

And which company does the best model of the 1176?

Or should I rather try the model of German U73b Compressor in combination with modern Q3?

You can be lost in all the options.

And this is only the choice of compressors...

And what about all the settings?

There is way more needed than the compressor, right?

ToneSpot Voice Pro will help you to get things done.

No second guessing.

1 plugin that CAN do it.

If it sounds good, it is good.

No matter what compressor or EQ model you use.

The only thing that matters is the result.

The song that is mixed.

Go and try the ToneSpot Voice Pro plugin.

Download free demo version here:


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