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Haloda photos playing & config: happy client = best reward! FULL SERVICE

Happy client is the greatest reward for me.

I love my job.

Especially when I can do some kind of "full service" for someone.

When everything has exact goal, everything fits together.

That "full service" often includes services like this:

Creating a vision for song

Composing music & songwriting or co-writing

Arranging instruments & vocals

Adapting the lyrics to the song

Making demos

Performing instruments and vocals

In-place production & coaching during recording


Editing performances



Using products I have designed with Audified and getting another ideas for the next products

LiveSound solutions for bands

Helping to choose the right gear

Helping to configure the gear

​Professional Audio gear sale

Band promo/marketing advice & strategy

Music videos collabs


This time, I would like to thank @libor haloda for the opportunity to work for him.

Big thanx, Libor! Looking forward to the next musical adventures :)


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