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Beat experimenting w Steinberg Groove Agent | How I write

How do you start when songwriting?

Do you start with a main melody?

Or harmony? Rhythm?

For me, it depends.

If I am working as an arranger and if I already have the lyrics, main vocal melody and basic harmony from a client, then I usually start experimenting with a beat / drums.

Sometimes, even I have nothing yet, I start with the beat.

Beat is very important for me, the rhythm, vibe, tempo.

If I get a great beat, I am immediately in writing flow and ideas are jumping into my head.

You know that feeling when you head starts to bang, haha :D

So the right beat is very important to me.

And a song without a great beat / drums, is...


Not a good song :)

OK OK, I am drum-centric :D

Everything needs to be just great when it comes to great music that could make it along with 60.000 new songs uploaded on Spotify these days.

In this video, I was working on a beat for a rapper and I was inspired by Tom Morello music a lot.

More to come..

May the muse be with You!


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