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How to prepare the tracks for mixing?

1) Format and characteristics of multi-track audio

Wav files, 44,1kHz / 24 bit. All trax levels from -20dBFS to -10dBFS (peak), DI trax for guitars can be little louder, max. -6dBFS (peak). In fact +/- 0 dBVU with reference at -18dBFS or -24dBFS.

2) Send the final takes only

Please, don´t send me the takes with mistakes, send me only the best performances and the only takes You want to hear in the final mix.

3) Don´t cut the noise/bleed

Please, don´t cut the noise from the amps, breath of the singer nor bleed between drum-mics. Leave it alone, I want to everything cut/fade/gate by myself.

4) Name the trax properly and consistently

Track names should go like KD in, SD bott, BG line, GTR DI L, GTR 57 R, KEYS DI R, VOC main, VOC back 1, … or something similar.

5) Export all the trax from the same place

Also leave 2 bars of silence before the start of the song.

6) Export trax with NO processing

Please, disable ALL the plugins (Gate/Expanders too!) and panning (on double/triple/quad tracked trax too!)

7) Record everything as raw and dry as possible

Please, no modulation nor reverberation effects on the way in! You definitelly can record your guitars with a wah or an overdrive pedal for sure, because its a part of Your core tone.

8) Always double/quad-track all the rhythm guitars

HiGain/crunch rhythm electric guitars as well as rhythm acoustic guitars often need to be as wide as possible. Lead guitars, clean electric guitars and bass are normally recorded as a single trackings only.

9) Deliver DI signals of all guitar trax

Always split the signal right from the guitar by a quality DI-box! You can also split the guitar signal after a preAmp section of Your amp for semi-reAmping (split the signal from FX send by another DI-box). Catch DI signals from acoustic guitars too!

10) Always triple-track all the main vocals

Backing vocals have to be recorded multiple times over again with different singers, in different intervals and octaves to let it breath in the end product and make it as massive as possible during mixing.

11) Deliver a rough-mix of the song

For the best orientation and control it is needed to make a rough-mix which means a stereo mixdown of raw trax with a leveling and panning only. Use NO signal processors!

12) Deliver a tempo in BPM and Signature information of the song

While the band is tracking with a click-track, then the BPM and Signature notes are needed to perfectly sync the trax with a click-track. If there are any tempo/signature changes, please, write it down for me.


13) Deliver trigger-trax for drum shells

14) Deliver a samples of the kit

SNARE, TOMS, KICK (all direct mics, OH and AMB/ROOM), Always 3-5 layers of the hit velocity and 10 quality hits for each layer. Always switch left/right hand between hits + SNARE rimshot a sidestick hiits.

15) Deliver midi-files for the drums / keys

16) Deliver guitar reAmps

NOTE: I also accept transfering DAW projects in formats for Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo and Avid ProTools.

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