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Vintage warmth

Mastering with eyes or ears?

Looking for the perfection or vibe?

Or searching for the balance?

Even you are modern ITB mixing or mastering engineer and you use all those fancy ultra-modern plug-ins with all the vizualization so you can master with your ears "closed", you also need some vibe-makers.

Something that adds a litlle grit and dirt into your sound.

Differencies can be very subtle, but still there.

A little bit more fullness, warmth and roundness.

Try Audified U73b Compressor and U78 Saturator for free!

It is iLok protected, so you can try these for 30 days for free, fully functional, no limits.

And you dont need that physical iLok USB dongle, iLok user account is enough.

Get the vibe.

May the muse be with You!

Check out the full video on my Youtube channel:

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Get all you need to let your music shine!

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