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I have produced a song in Avicii style!

I have produced this song based on the client's preferences and wishes.

At first, the song was arranged and sung in English, but later we decided to sing in Czech to make it more clear for the target audience.

On this song I have done:

► Beats

► Synths

► Guitars

► Vocals Melody

► Vocals Coaching & Recording

► Audio Mixing

► Audio Mastering

Recorded with Fryette Amplification Sig:X tube amp and Fender guitar.

I have also boosted the amp with BOSS SD-1 and ProCo RAT.

I run my tube amp through Two Notes Audio Engineering loadbox into some legacy Audified IRs I have been capturing back in 2008 in Prague with my wife :)

And for post-FX I use my ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin I have designed with Audified in 2019.

Mixed and mastered with Audified products.

Try them for free now!

Lyric video by Kryštof Kozák.


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