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How to make your fuzz tone even better?


When playing single-note fuzzy riff, I usually try to add the octave down FX.

In my case it's usually Digitech Whammy.

Well, it's not a good thing in every situation.

But when it fits, it's great!

Of course, you can ask your bass player to play along with you instead of Whammy.

But, who needs a bass player anymore?

Whammy plays so tight even it has several miliseconds latency!

Whammy has so much better tone overal even it's digital.

Whammy knows what I want to play even before I play.

Whammy has perfect timing, like me...

Whammy can play more than 4 notes.

Whammy doesn't need 8x10 cabinet.

Whammy can't get drunk.


Take it easy and may the muse be with you!


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