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How to make distorted bass really fat and cutting through the mix in 2 easy steps?


Distorted bass is my passion.

But when I distort the bass that much, it usually becomes thin.

Yeah, aggressive, bright, raw, harmonic, but thin.

And that's what I don't want, because especially on mobile phone's speakers the bass becomes really thin, harsh or even lost in the mix (because there are no low frequencies translated on than tinny mobile phone speaker, right?).

And between the hard-panned chunky hi-gain or even fuzzy guitars you definitely don't want that thin-sounding bass.

So you need to focus the distorted tone a little more by using quite aggressive LPF and pretty big mid-range boost.

I usually LPF distorted bass at 2k4 Hz and I like to boost the mids at 1k Hz.

My Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro is ideal for this kind of duties ;)

Go and try it in your mix and tell me if it works for you too!


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