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When to start creating videos as a musician?

Are you constantly putting off video creation?

Start filming right away when You start writing your next song.

Capturing your songwriting process is valuable documentary content because it really is the unique moment of creating something fresh and new.

Once you will want to release your new song, you will be thinking about some video content to help the song to be heard.

And the more different video types you will release for the same song the better.

You need to attract your potencial listeners in several different ways, right?

So once you will release your song for example as a lyric video, then you can continue with some sort of behind the scenes videos.

That will be the moment when you will find your songwriting documentary video content valuable.

And there are way more options when it comes to video types you can create to promote your song.

Your documentary video content can live in several video types.

So it really is a good investment.

Start filming as soon as possible.

May the muse be with You!

Are you enjoying filming your music activities? Do you collect video content systematically?


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