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NETWORK RELEASE: Erra - Expiate [Cover]

Hey all true metalheadz!

Check out the latest mixing and mastering work of our brand new Jarek Musil Network member - Radek Žák!

It´s a mix-cover song of Erra - Expiate.

Radek has done excellent job, the sound is modern, heavy and detailed.

In this mix Radek has used some of his favorite products by The Perfect Drums and Joey Sturgis Tones:

Recorded by Aaron Gerhards.

What are you thinking about the quality of the most affordable mixing and mastering service in the Jarek Musil Network? ;)

Check out Radek´s engineering profile and outstanding rates here.

This superb quality sound can afford everyone on the planet!

It´s a no-brainer!

Act fast, because rates of Radek´s services can go up as fast as his skills do...

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