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Joining forces Vol.3

I´m so proud to announce another awesome long-term cooperation and another Jarek Musil Network´s member - Radek Žák.

Radek is the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in Amaro Records in Brno. I know Radek since 2012 when he was interested in becoming a performing guitarist in one of my production projects. It was a no-brainer for me to bring him in because he is the great guy and excellent guitarist. In 2015, Radek has started his audio production career, and man!

His skills are growing so fast!

Radek also became my go-to editing assistant engineer for bigger projects.

Its so cool to work with him overall and that´s it!

He produces high quality recordings across genres and is the right person to work with if you are looking for modern, clear, detailed sound design as well as for more natural flavours.

Other than that, Radek is really good guitar player and composer, so he is also capable of some music production duties such songwriting, arranging or session playing.

Im so happy to have Radek in my team and to have the possibility to offer another great recording facilities in the center of Brno in Czech Republic and to offer his awesome skills for the network´s clients. Excited again.

But hey!


Radek has set his mixing and mastering rates really low.

Act fast and book him now, because his rates will grow as fast as his skills do...

Jarek Musil Network is getting bigger and bigger... ;)

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