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Synergy R1: Available now with free shipping

We proudly announce that the first series of our long-awaited hardware unit Synergy R1 - the digital reverb with three types of analog saturation circuits - is available now and may be engaged in your studio.

Synergy R1 had already been admired at the Summer NAMM Show and gained a magnificent review by Resolution Magazine, and recently it dragged a lot of attention at the AES Convention at the 11 Dimensions Media booth.

Free Shipping

And there's more good news. We decided that all orders placed until the end of November will be granted with free shipping. On a top of this, every Synergy R1 customer also gets 50% discount coupon for any Audified software (one shopping, multiple titles in one cart).

About Synergy

Synergy R1 was seriously designed and sturdily built in the Czech Republic. The beating at its hardware heart is two switchable sections. REVERB is digital, providing premium-quality 24-bit A/D (analogue-to-digital) and D/A (digital-to-analogue) converters, 32-bit floating point DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and true BYPASS functionality; all told, there are seven selectable reverb algorithms (simulating several different types of spatial acoustics), ranging from Room all the way up to Tunnel, and users can control four front panel-accessible parameters: DECAY, PREDELAY, COLOR, and TYPE. The second — true analog — SATURATOR section features three switchable saturation circuits with GE (Germanium), OA (OpAmp), and JF (J-FET) types (that add harmonics to the signal) and a GAIN control. More about Synergy R1 here.

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