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Some say the sweetest things have already been made. But how can you check, if you don't have 12 thousand dollars to buy the decades-old original gear? Well, there's always us. We recreate the history for you.

We are proud to introduce the RZ062 Equalizer - The Sweetest EQ of All Times.

The RZ062 Equalizer is a set of two plug-ins precisely modeled after famous vintage German tube EQs often used in the European studios during the 1960s.

Our team has modeled more than 200 parts of this unique and complicated device to revive these remarkable machines (RZ062a and RZ062b), that will give your tracks incredibly beautiful colour, presence, and warmth. RZ062 is great on vocals, bass, drums but it is mainly intended as mastering and colouring EQ.

Take advantage of our introductory pricing. Get RZ062 for $149 instead of regular $199.
The offer stands till September 15. Curious?

Get all the necessary, info about the plug-ins, listen to the sounds and watch a video at the RZ062 page. Or check the RZ062 yourself using the 30 days fully working trial version.

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