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Is it better to grow fast or slow?

The muddy road to go...

If you walk slowly on a muddy road, it will not be such a disaster, because you will see where you are stepping. And when sometimes a little bit of mud sticks to you, you take it off yourself easily and move on. 👇

If you run along the muddy road, you will soon be so covered in mud that your own family will hardly recognize you. Entrepreneurship is not a path through a rose garden, entrepreneurship is a muddy road. That is exactly why I am in favour of gradual growth. 👍

Much more important than shooting up quickly is that processes are standardized in the company and key positions are filled by competent people who can work together as a well-coordinated team. When you move forward from a secured defense, you can remove the sizzling mud from yourself without much trouble and your work is fun and fulfilling.

If you overdo it and stay up to your neck in the mud, you will die. In most cases, not physically, but mentally. You will begin to be surrendered, you will be dragged by things that you are not able to control, and this mental state is guaranteed to be reflected in your personal life. ⚠️

Entrepreneurship is the hardest discipline in the world. It's not a sprint, but a long run. And have you ever seen a sprinter win a marathon? 😃

Well, but what does this mean for musicians and bands?

This can be applied to any band who wants to play the music to a lot of people, or at least more than 10 ;)

The band is a business company.

The band needs to be treated as a business company.


Only if the band wants to reach something...

If you are OK with playing in front of empty club, then you don't need to have the band as a business company.

But most musicians want to play good gigs, have a good time with a lot of people and bring their music to new people.

Then every band-member needs to act as an entrepreneur and the whole band needs to act as a team, as a company.

So my recommendation is to grow strategically and slowly.

Have a plan!

May the muse be with You!

And let your talent shine!

The first half of his post was originally created by Jiří Jemelka.

Go check him on linkedin and follow him, a lot of useful stuff here.


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