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SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz | Solo

In past, I thought that fuzz pedals can produce extreme gain tones only (poor me).

But later I have learned more about several types of fuzz pedals.

I have learned how for example Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix or Joe Bonamassa use/d their fuzzes (mostly FuzzFace types).

I have fallen in love with using fuzz pedals while turning the guitar volume down.

There comes the adventure and new tones exploration.

But different fuzz pedals respond differently.

For example N-1 Fuzz by SMR Toys works great with the guitar volume pot.

Cleans up very nicely.

I have enjoyed experimenting with several different guitar volumes during the songwriting process, really inspiring.

Here is a short clip where I have set the guitar volume to 2 (of10).

Watch the full song playthrough using the N-1 Fuzz throughout the whole song on my YT channel:

Check out the N1-Fuzz pedal here and don't forget to make your own design with the design configurator!

May the muse be with You!


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