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SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz into Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier rev F | Guitar Laboratory | Play-Test

Playing Dual Recto rev F is real joy.

It's the amplifier used by my all-time heroes.

It's rare, it's brutal.

But I was really surprised how versatile it is!

And it works with pedals pretty well!

So I have given it a try with the SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz.

N-1 is very musical sounding fuzz, it's boutique quality pedal, handmade in Czech Republic.

It's inspired by Electro Harmonix Green Big Muff Civil War.

And it works great with any amplifier I have been testing it with, even the Dual rectifier.

Check the N1-Fuzz pedal out here and don't forget to make your own design with the design configurator!

May the muse be with You!

---------- GEAR IN THIS VIDEO ----------


SMR Toys N-1 FUZZ ( )

MXR Phase 90 EVH 30th Anniversary

Jim Dunlop Rotovibe

Jim Dunlop Octavio

Digitech Whammy 5


M-Custom Guitars M-Strat with active EMGs handmade by Jiri Mazl ( )


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier rev F (big thanx goes to Petr Canov for lending me this wonderful amp)


Two Notes Torpedo Captor


Audiffex MultiCabinet plug-in (legacy). I have captured those IRs with my wife back in 2009 or so in Prague. Wonderful years :)


For post-effects I am using the Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin for gentle chorus modulation, delay and reverb FX.

ToneSpot Electric is the 4th plug-in of the ToneSpot family I have designed back in 2019 and its still my number one for post-effects, using it daily.

For that ultra-long ambient soundscapes, I am using our brand new Audified Wings plug-in called Linda IronVerb, developed in collaboration with talented Martin Linda.

You can try our brand new IronVerb reverb plug-in for free:


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