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How to get that full and warm lead tone out of a passive single-coil pickups?

Try the Fuzz!

It had taken me a while since I have discovered the beauty and wide usability of fuzz pedals.

Now I love them.

And I know that fuzz pedals are a way more than just extreme noise-makers.

Some fuzz pedals have really great clean-up capabilities.

When you turn the guitar volume pot down you can get really full, fat and warm mid-gain lead tone, even you play a passive single-coil pickup.

No extreme noise tone, but a beautiful singing mid-gain lead tone.

You can even get a very nice, dynamic crunchy or pushed-clean tones out of a fuzz pedal.

And this is one of the secret weapons of the guitar legends we all know, for example Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix or Joe Bonamassa.

But different fuzz pedals respond differently.

For example N-1 Fuzz by SMR Toys works great with the guitar volume pot.

Cleans up very nicely.

I have enjoyed experimenting with several different guitar volumes during the songwriting process, really inspiring.

Here is a short clip where I have set the guitar volume to 2 (out of 10).

Watch the full song playthrough using the N-1 Fuzz throughout the whole song on my YT channel:


Check out the N1-Fuzz pedal here and don't forget to make your own design with the design configurator!


May the muse be with You!