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I have produced a funk song in Bruno Mars style!

I have produced this song based on the client's preferences and wishes.

On this song I have done:

► Drums & Beats programming

► Synths writing & performance

► Bass writing & performance

► Guitars writing & performance

► Chorus lyrics writing

► Vocals Melody writing

► Vocals Coaching & Recording

► Audio Editing

► Audio Mixing

► Audio Mastering


Client typically sends me some basic music wishes (or an amateur demo of the song), some commercial references and the lyrics (or at least some parts).

Then I start writing and arranging the music, I do adapt lyrics and even add some lyrics for chorus or other parts of the song if needed. I send demos (including my guide-vocals recorded) during the songwriting process to the client and we discuss everything, doing revisions and building the demo until we both are 100% satisfied.

Once the demo is finished, we plan the final vocals recording session.

Client rehearses the vocal parts and is sending some work-demos to me and we do some remote revisions before we meet to record the final vocals.

During the vocals recording session I coach the client/singer to get the most out of him.

There are always some things to correct such as phrasing, accents, melody and the last but not least, the vocal emotions.

Sometimes, there are even 2 or 3 vocals recording sessions needed to get the final results on all song parts. The final vocals recording session is usually 3-4 hours long.

Once the final vocals are recorded, I do audio editing on all vocal tracks.

This means I do some audio quantization and tuning improvements if needed (always needed).

Then I do the final audio mixing and mastering. During this stage we discuss all the sound quality aspects, the final sound design of the song.

NOTE: When songwriting or co-writing for a client, I do not ask for any rights. The client always owns 100% of the song's royalties.


Guitars were recorded with Fryette Amplification Sig:X tube amp and Fender guitar.

I have also used Bogner Ecstasy Blue pedal in front of Sig:X amp to let the clean channel shine a bit.

I run my tube amp through Two Notes Audio Engineering loadbox into some legacy Audified IRs I have been capturing back in 2008 in Prague with my wife :)

And for post-FX I use my ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin I have designed with Audified in 2019.

I use Steinberg and Toontrack virtual instruments.

Mixed and mastered with Audified products.

Try them for free now!

Lyric video by Kryštof Kozák.

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