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Joining forces... again ;)

Im so proud to announce another awesome cooperation and another Jarek Musil Network´s addition - Eduard Příhoda. He is owner of EDsound studio in Vysoké Mýto and has wide range of skills across multiple musical genres as well as VoiceOvers and other commercials. I know Eduard for several years and we have already collaborated on some projects. Honestly, Eduard is probably the nicest guy in the industry :) Its so cool and nice to work with him overall what is so important when it comes to recording.

He produces high quality recordings and is the right person to work with if you are looking for more natural and realistic sound design.

Other than that, Eduard loves searching for talented artists and helping them to find the way to reach their dreams. He does far more than just pressing REC...

Im so happy to have Eduard in my team and have the possibility to offer another top notch recording facilities at perfectly strategical location here in Czech Republic and his awesome skills for my clients. Excited again.

Jarek Musil Network is rising... ;)

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