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Atlas Mraků - Ve Vteřinách

Check out the brand new single by Czech Pop-Rock project Atlas Mraků!!!

Ve Vteřinách is the very first song released, lets show some love!

BTW, Libor from Atlas Mraků is now searching for band members so if you are interested in playing music like this and much more, let him know!

JAREK MUSIL - Music producer & AE

- Arranging instruments & vocals - Adapting the lyrics and melody of a song - Performing all the instruments & backing vocals - In-place production & coaching during recording - Recording - Editing - Re-sampling - Re-amping - Mixing - Mastering

Libor Haloda

- Songwriting

- Lyrics

- Vocals

Zdenek Strmiska

- Video production

Recorded at home Custom handmade guitars by Jíra Mázl & M Custom Guitars Amps & mixing tools by Audified Try our plugins at

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