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Pricing notes & rules


For some types of services you can get a discount when you have more songs to work with while for some other services it´s not possible. Please feel free to ask me for a personalized offer via Request A Quote form.


I always want to get some upfront deposit payment before I start working.

When it comes to music production services, I traditionally want to get at least 50% of the final price as an upfront deposit and the second half after the last revision.

For audio engineering services we usually want to get the full recording / mixing / mastering price as an upfront deposit and the editing fee right after we send the first complete mix, before any revisions.

It’s because we just don’t want to wait for the money for weeks after spending 20 hours on the mix and waiting for that drummer if he is able to tell us what he doesn’t like on the last mix. ​


YES, we always willing to come to an agreement even if your budget is limited. Every member in the network has his own pricing so there is always possibility to fit your budget.

NO, we are not willing to mix a first song for free to hopefully get a paid job afterwards. And we can’t write a song for you for free and wait until you become famous to pay us back for that.

We are independent music producers, so there is no big label nor investor behind us. And we are not investors. You have to pay for our services instantly.


Other important notice is that if we will write or co-write a song with you, we don’t want to get any copyrights of it. It’s always all yours. The only thing we want is to get paid for our job and get some credits as music producers and engineers. If you already are or will become famous and you know how to profit from your music on radio plays, on your music sales or concerts etc. then that’s supercool, because we can work for you, you can pay for our services and then you can even really profit from our collaboration. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? That’s how it should work and we all would be very happy ☺

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