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Why we need a music producer?

For bands it’s not a problem to produce their albums themselves these days. The recording gear is super-cheap and social media are full of the production advice. But how long it takes to become a great music producer or an audio engineer? Years. And wouldn’t it be great to have someone outside the band who can always bring some advice or some fresh ideas from different point of view and can mix a song within a week or two?

Music production should really be an investment for you. Your songs are your best music business card and also your own richness that nobody can steal. And your music lasts forever, it’s your fingerprint.

Ok, a great song starts with great lyrics, strong melody and catchy music arrangement. That’s what is music production about in the first sight. Because no golden gear and awarded audio engineer ears can rescue poor songwriting and arranging. Really.

But an inspiring sound during the songwriting process also plays a big role.

So you need both, an awesome music idea and inspiring sound. Then the magic happens.

Then you need to catch that magic with decent recording gear which really isn’t a problem anymore and you definitely need great players who don’t just play some notes, but who really feel that music vibe just right.

In the end of the music creation process there are several post-production tasks such as editing, mixing and mastering. Those tasks can feel just technical, but there is the big difference between average sound design and creative sound design.

Every single one task is very important and can’t be overlooked.

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