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What if I’m not happy with the song/arrange/mix/master?

First off: Keep calm :)

It is obviously pretty normal, that a customer is not completely satisfied by the first demo of the song or a first mix he gets back. You always listen to your own track in a totally different way than anybody else. And often that’s exactly the case why people invite someone else to co-work on their music. New ears and brains bring new fresh perspective and new ideas. Anyway, I’m always working until my customers are 100% happy with my work. So it means that I offer unlimited revisions for a project. It’s included in the project price. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

It’s always all about the clear communication.

So please, always make a list of every little detail you recognize and that you want me to give a little more love. But everything has it’s time. When we reach that point of a cooperation I will let you know.

sometimes improvements on the song/mix lead to new "problems". Please, try to be nice and patient. I will do the same.

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