Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier vs. 13 Guitar amp Modelers

Let me introduce you another awesome video made by Jon Symons! Great video Jon, as always! Congratz! Even our 8-years-old Audified ampLion PRO ($99) sounds great in comparison with more today´s and far more expensive gear. And it´s not only my opinion - check the comments below the video! Im using our ampLion PRO daily when producing and mixing because ampLion delivers the best bang of buck solution for me. Check out my audio productions here. Please, tell me honestly. Is there the $2.400 difference in sound quality between AxeFX III and ampLion Pro? OK, It´s not fair ;) Is there really a $300 difference in sound quality between Helix Native and ampLion Pro? For me, NOT! I can get that Helix


Check out the second single of the upcoming new album by 80´s AOR band Magic Dance from New York!!! I have mixed and mastered this second full length Magic Dance album last year and it was real joy for me again after the works on the debut album Vanishings :) This album was written and (mostly) recorded in Jon´s bedroom during the spring and summer of 2017. Drums were tracked at Virtue and Vice Studios in Brooklyn, NY with engineer Anthony "Rocky" Gallo (The Cult, Tycho, The Killers) and Kevin McAdams on drums. Bass was tracked at Tone Tent studios in Stanhope, NJ by Kevin Krug and Mike Peniston. New album coming December 7th via Frontiers Music srl! All the audio post-production was made by

NETWORK RELEASE: Eponine - Between Us

Hey all modern female-fronted bands lovers! Check out the brand new awesome music video by Czech Female-fronted Post-HC band Eponine. Recording, mixing and mastering by our most experienced Jarek Musil Network member Zdenek Ondracek. Zdenek has done an excellent job again, the sound is modern, heavy, punchy and clear at the same time - as always... Would you like to get the sound like this? Zdenek has the biggest professional audio production experience in the network and his recording rates are simply unbelievable. You cannot make a mistake if you choose Zdenek to be your sound guy. Check out Zdenek´s engineering profile and his outstanding rates here.

NETWORK RELEASE: Erra - Expiate [Cover]

Hey all true metalheadz! Check out the latest mixing and mastering work of our brand new Jarek Musil Network member - Radek Žák! It´s a mix-cover song of Erra - Expiate. Radek has done excellent job, the sound is modern, heavy and detailed. In this mix Radek has used some of his favorite products by The Perfect Drums and Joey Sturgis Tones: Recorded by Aaron Gerhards. What are you thinking about the quality of the most affordable mixing and mastering service in the Jarek Musil Network? ;) Check out Radek´s engineering profile and outstanding rates here. This superb quality sound can afford everyone on the planet! It´s a no-brainer! Act fast, because rates of Radek´s services can go up as fas

Joining forces Vol.3

I´m so proud to announce another awesome long-term cooperation and another Jarek Musil Network´s member - Radek Žák. Radek is the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in Amaro Records in Brno. I know Radek since 2012 when he was interested in becoming a performing guitarist in one of my production projects. It was a no-brainer for me to bring him in because he is the great guy and excellent guitarist. In 2015, Radek has started his audio production career, and man! His skills are growing so fast! Radek also became my go-to editing assistant engineer for bigger projects. Its so cool to work with him overall and that´s it! He produces high quality recordings across genres and is the right

Loudness Penalty - Well, I would get the red card...

Thanx to Ian Shepherd from Production Advice I have discovered the Loudness Penalty web app. It´s a super-handy tool for all mastering engineers as well as recording musicians. Check it out here and save it into your no.1 bookmarks. Well, I master the songs quite loud, so when I run my latest mixes/masters through the Loudness Penalty, I get something like this: I usually master the songs so they are at least as loud as the client´s reference music. But sometimes I´m asked to prepare a vinyl master as well. The vinyl master of When Nothing´s Real I have done for the band Magic Dance (NYC / USA) would go through the Loudness Penalty like this: Which is quite c

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