NETWORK RELEASE: Denoi - Offspring of Our Choices

Hey all music maniacs! Check out the outstanding music video by Dance Metal band Denoi from Czech Republic! Recorded and mixed by our Jarek Musil Network member Zdenek Ondracek at Sonidos studios. Zdenek has done really awesome job on this release! The sound is super-modern, heavy and makes you wanna dance, really...

NETWORK RELEASE: Anežka & Láďa - 28/4/2018 EP

Chill... Are there any acoustic-music lovers? ;) Check out the brand new EP by acoustic duo Anežka & Láďa from Czech Republic! Natural sound, no acrobatics, no perfection. Just music, feeling, life & love ;) Recorded, mixed and mastered by our Jarek Musil Network member Eduard Příhoda at edSound studio.

Thorknot - Gravity

Check out the brand new single by Russian Metal project Thorknot!!! Gravity is everything, it is love, it is hate, it is Sun and Earth, it is wind and dust. Without it we could be just matter in the space. Gravity gave weight to our bodies, to our doings, to our words. The bigger your soul is - the bigger is your gravity. JAREK MUSIL - Music producer & AE - Re-sampling - Re-amping - Mixing - Mastering Recorded at home Amps & mixing tools by Audified Try our plugins at

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