Pricing notes & rules

SALES For some types of services you can get a discount when you have more songs to work with while for some other services it´s not possible. Please feel free to ask me for a personalized offer via Request A Quote form. DEPOSIT I always want to get some upfront deposit payment before I start working. When it comes to music production services, I traditionally want to get at least 50% of the final price as an upfront deposit and the second half after the last revision. For audio engineering services we usually want to get the full recording / mixing / mastering price as an upfront deposit and the editing fee right after we send the first complete mix, before any revisions. It’s because we ju

Why we need a music producer?

For bands it’s not a problem to produce their albums themselves these days. The recording gear is super-cheap and social media are full of the production advice. But how long it takes to become a great music producer or an audio engineer? Years. And wouldn’t it be great to have someone outside the band who can always bring some advice or some fresh ideas from different point of view and can mix a song within a week or two? Music production should really be an investment for you. Your songs are your best music business card and also your own richness that nobody can steal. And your music lasts forever, it’s your fingerprint. Ok, a great song starts with great lyrics, strong melody and catchy

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