Audified ampLion in action!

Let me introduce you an awesome video made by Jon Symons ! Great video Jon, congratz! Your guitar sounds always great no matter what amp you are using. The differencies between different products you are demonstrating are pretty small and choosing the best one is a matter of taste in most cases. Even our 8 years old ampLion PRO ($99) sounds great in comparison with more todays and more expensive gear. Im using our ampLion PRO daily when producing and mixing because ampLion delivers the best bang of buck solution for me. Check out my productions here.

Synergy R1: Available now with free shipping

We proudly announce that the first series of our long-awaited hardware unit Synergy R1 - the digital reverb with three types of analog saturation circuits - is available now and may be engaged in your studio. Synergy R1 had already been admired at the Summer NAMM Show and gained a magnificent review by Resolution Magazine, and recently it dragged a lot of attention at the AES Convention at the 11 Dimensions Media booth. Free Shipping And there's more good news. We decided that all orders placed until the end of November will be granted with free shipping. On a top of this, every Synergy R1 customer also gets 50% discount coupon for any Audified software (one shopping, multiple titles in one

Are you capable of writing lyrics?

Me, personally, unfortunatelly not. I can write a melody for the lyrics and I can even edit lyrics so it fits the song and melody. I can even write a good lyrics theme in cooperation with the artist. I can both start writing the music and then adapt the lyrics or I can start with writing melody for the lyrics and then write the music around it. But I have several talented lyricists around me so the collaboration is definitelly possible.

What gear do you use?

It´s about people, not the gear! ;) I choose dedicated gear for every project individually. I use gear from professional brands such as Audified, Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, RME, SSL, Presonus, Toft Audio, KRK systems, BOSS, M-Audio, K&M, Neutrik, Avid, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Toontrack, Nomad Factory, Klanghelm, Tokyo Dawn Labs, 3 Sigma Audio, OwnHammer etc.

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