CKB - Plastic Lady

Check out the brand new single by Czech Progressive-Crossover band CKB! Plastic Lady is the first single from the upcoming Changes Of Life II album. JAREK MUSIL - Music producer & AE - Composing & songwriting - Arranging instruments & vocals - Creating a vision for song - Adapting the lyrics and melody of a song - Performing instruments & SFX vocals - In-place production & coaching during recording - Recording - Editing - Re-sampling - Re-amping - Mixing - Mastering Aga Grey - Lyrics Lukáš Palačinka - Vocals Amps & mixing tools by Audified Try our plugins at

How to prepare the band for recording?

GENERAL: · Map all the tempos and tempo changes in your songs in BPM (beats per minute) as well as the signature and it´s changes in the songs. · If possible, do a multi-track pre-production recording of all songs in your rehearsal room. It will give you a guide-trax for the main recording and you will see how well you are prepared. This task can be done in the studio too, but it will cost you some extra money. · Ensure you know exactly what you will be playing before you even enter the studio. All parts, arrangements etc. should be already finalised and drilled until they are firmly entrenched in the memory. · Bring in the minimum necessary number of people for each session. BASSISTS

How long it takes to record/mix a song?

Assuming that desired services were properly booked and scheduled, tracking of 1 song track by track can be done in 1 day (8-10 hours). When tracking all instruments at once (+ vocals overdubs) then 3-4 songs can be done in 1 day if the band is well prepared. It all depends on the count of instruments, the genre of the music and how well is the band prepared. Album-tracking can take 1 - 2 weeks. Mixing and mastering of 1 song can be done in a couple of days, but it depends on how fast can the band communicate during revisions. Mixing and mastering full-length album may take up to 4-6 weeks. Mastering only of an album can be done in 3-5 days. When producing, the whole album making can take fr

How to prepare the tracks for mixing?

1) Format and characteristics of multi-track audio Wav files, 44,1kHz / 24 bit. All trax levels from -20dBFS to -10dBFS (peak), DI trax for guitars can be little louder, max. -6dBFS (peak). In fact +/- 0 dBVU with reference at -18dBFS or -24dBFS. 2) Send the final takes only Please, don´t send me the takes with mistakes, send me only the best performances and the only takes You want to hear in the final mix. 3) Don´t cut the noise/bleed Please, don´t cut the noise from the amps, breath of the singer nor bleed between drum-mics. Leave it alone, I want to everything cut/fade/gate by myself. 4) Name the trax properly and consistently Track names should go like KD in, SD bott, BG line, GTR DI L,

What if I’m not happy with the song/arrange/mix/master?

First off: Keep calm :) It is obviously pretty normal, that a customer is not completely satisfied by the first demo of the song or a first mix he gets back. You always listen to your own track in a totally different way than anybody else. And often that’s exactly the case why people invite someone else to co-work on their music. New ears and brains bring new fresh perspective and new ideas. Anyway, I’m always working until my customers are 100% happy with my work. So it means that I offer unlimited revisions for a project. It’s included in the project price. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? It’s always all about the clear communication. So please, always make a list of every little detail you recog

In which formats do you deliver the songs?

Once the band is 100% satisfied with my work, I traditionally send the final master in 4 formats: wav 44,1kHz/24bit wav 44,1kHz/24bit online (tailored for online streaming services) wav 44,1kHz/16bit mp3 320kbps I can also prepare unmastered versions, vinyl versions as well as click-tracks and backing tracks of the songs for rehearsing/concert needs for a small fee. When I do music production for the band, I usually add separated audio subgroups for every band member (Drums, Bass, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Keys, Vocals,...) in wav 44.1kHz/16bit. I can also send the notation of all the instruments for a small fee.

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